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Ricky Ricardo Jr.

Lucy, Lucille, ...and many faces?
Meet Lucy Ricardo up-close and personal, or the lady behind the character Lucille Ball. Or, look at people who look like her!

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Actor, Ricky... Desilu Owner, Desi... and more.

Know Ricky Ricardo better than ever, learn his story, and his life. Meet the owner of Desilu Studios,  Desi Arnaz. Then check out his look-a-likes.

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Meet Ethel, Vivian, and Ethel?
See Ethel Mertz's whole story, or see Vivian Vance's bio, and see Ethel Mertz impersonators.

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Fred, Bill, and wannabes?
Meet Fred, Ethel's husband. Also, meet Bill - a side you've probably never seen before. Lastly, view people who look like him.

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Little Ricky... a 5 person job?
Learn about Little Ricky. Look at the 5 actors that were just right for the job.

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