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  Pilot Episode
    Right before Ricky gets up, a shadow quickly passes by the dresser in front of his bed.  
  Episode 1: The Audition
    During the Professor routine, Ricky mouths the line "Oh I know, I know. Yeah." as Lucy says it.  
  Episode 2: The Girls Want To Go To A Nightclub
    The Mertz's celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary but in "The Courtroom," the Mertz's celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. In "Ricky Minds The Baby," the Mertz's mention they are married 23 years. In an earlier episode, "Vacation From Marriage," Ethel says " he hasn't varied 5 minutes in 22 years." Then in the following scene, Fred says that "after 25 years of marriage."  
  Episode 3: Be a pal
  In the poker game scene in the Mertz’ living room, the curtains from a previous scene are still hanging.  
  Episode 4: Lucy Thinks Ricky is Trying to Murder Her
  When Ricky and Lucy are dancing in the living room, the camera swings too far to the left, and the edge of the set wall and the adjoining bedroom set can be seen briefly.  
  In this episode, Lucy is running away from Ricky after her attempts as a moving target don't work. Under her robe she has a frying pan and a garbage can lid to protect herself. But when she runs toward the bedroom, the frying pan accidentally falls to the floor. Looking closely, you can see Lucy loosen the pan herself. Some accident!  
    After Ricky puts the sleeping pill in Lucy's drink, Lucy acts like she wants to dance. When they put down their cups, Lucy's is on the right (from your view) and Ricky's is on the left. Lucy switches them, and then so does Ricky to get them back in the original position. Then notice when they drink the soda, Lucy drinks from the one on the left and Ricky drinks from the cup on the right. They drank from each other's cup. That would mean that Ricky would be the one falling asleep, not Lucy!  
  You can see one camera photographing another, and a stage light as Ricky writes at his desk.  
    When Ricky writes down the names of the dogs he lists them as: Ann, Mary, Helen, Cynthia, Alice and Theodore, but when Lucy reads the list out loud she reads it as: Helen, Ann, Mary, Cynthia, Alice and Theodore.  
    When Lucy yawns, Ethel cant stop her self and yawns too.  
  Episode 5: The Quiz Show
  Notice that when Harold the Bum leaves the Ricardo apartment he still has some of their possessions in his pockets due to the bulges that aren't there when he walked in.  
  Notice how Lucy's seem to look different, like they're missing something? Its her eyelashes! Lucille Ball takes off her false eyelashes before being sprayed with seltzer.  
    The bum on the Mertz’ porch walks off it as if it were the first floor. Later episodes will reveal that the Mertz's live on the third floor.  
  Episode 7: The Séance
    You can see the shadows of the production staff on the walls in the background.  
  Episode 10: The Fur Coat
    Fred uses a ladder to enter the Ricardo's apartment at one point. It must have been a very long ladder considering the Ricardo's live on the 4th floor!  
  When Ricky faints while holding the fake fur you can briefly see where the carpet ends and the concrete floor.  
    This is the only time where Lucy claims not to know the date of hers and Ricky’s wedding anniversary. This will change in future episodes. Some years he will know and some years he won’t. The Mertz's have similar selective amnesia. One year they’ll throw the Ricardo's a party while the next they will have no idea when the date falls.  
  Episode 11: Lucy Is Jealous Of Girl Singer
    Episode appears to have been mis-titled. Rosemary was clearly a "girl dancer," not a "girl singer."  
  Episode 15: Lucy Plays Cupid
    Right before Miss Lewis answers Lucy, a cymbal crash from the drummer can be heard.  
    No explanation is given as to where Lucy got all the children to discourage Mr. Ritter.  
  Episode 16: Lucy Fakes Illness
    Ricky claims that he and Lucy have been living in the Mertz's building for 5 years. In later episodes it was 9 years, then the exact date, August 6, 1948. By 1954 it had suddenly leaped to 12 years. In "Lucy Misses the Mertz's", it jumps to 15 years.  
  Episode 18: Breaking the Lease
  When the Mertz's leave the Ricardo's apartment in the first scene, Ethel turns left in the hallway to go to her apartment and Fred turns right as the door closes.  
  In the final scene of the episode there is a magazine on the coffee table. The magazine has Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz on the front cover.  
  During the song scenes in the Ricardo's apartment at the end of the episode, you can see a flash during a number. That is from an audience member's camera.  
  Episode 19: The Ballet
    Fred mentions his ex-vaudeville partner was Ted Kurtz but in "Mertz and Kurtz," his ex-vaudeville partner changed to Barney Kurtz.  
  You can see Lucy untying her dress to make her pants fall down.


  Episode 20: Young Fans
  Peggy startles Ricky and he spills coffee on his suit. He manages to leave the kitchen & upon entering the living room the coffee is no longer on his jacket.  
  Episode 24: The Gossip
    Ricky mentions that Bill and Grace Foster lived in 3-B but later in "The Anniversary Present," they lived in 2-A  
    Fred says that Grace Foster is a blonde, but in the "Anniversary Present," you can clearly see that she is not a blonde.  
  Episode 25: Pioneer Women
    The bet involved that neither the Mertz's nor the Ricardo's could use conveniences past 1900 (with exception of the stove). If that was the case, then wouldn't Fred (who was in front, so it's assumed) lose the bet since he rang the buzzer to get into the apartment?  
    Lucy says her grandmother was Swedish, but in "Lucy Goes To Scotland" her ancestors were Scottish.  
    Lucy puts too much yeast in her bread dough. So, the result is it to grow in size, not in weight! Every time Lucy has to transport the dough she acts as its getting heavier, in fact she even needs Ethel to help her.  
  Episode 26: The Marriage License
    Lucy and Ricky drive a car to Connecticut to "renew" their vows but when the Ricardo's and Mertz's get ready to go to Hollywood, they state that they'd never had a car before.  
  Episode 27: The Kleptomaniac
  In the last scene of the episode, just after Lucy pulls a gun out of the guitar case, you can see the living room table has been propped up on 4 blocks to make it taller.  
  Episode 28: Cuban Pals
    At one point when Ricky is translating for Lucy and his old friends, he accidentally repeats some words in English that he was supposed to translate to Spanish. It was a goof, and he started laughing, but it was left in since he recovered quickly.  
  Episode 30: Lucy Does a TV Commercial
  After Lucy gets out of the TV, Ricky puts the curtain down in back. Then it is back up again.  
    When Lucy is showing Ricky that she can do the commercial, Desi Arnaz is clearly trying not to laugh.  
  When Joe enters the stage and says he can't find Lucy, look backstage.  If you look closely in the dark shadow behind Joe's head, Lucille Ball is standing there. She is standing in the Ricardo's Apartment set smoking a cigarette. You can see this sliver 3 more times during the show.

On some computers it is nearly impossible to see anything, you can see her clearly on the show though.


  Episode 31: The Publicity Agent
  When Ricky enters the Waldorf hotel room as tiger, you can see he's wearing special platform shoes that elevated him more than 6 inches.  
  Episode 35: Ricky Asks For a Raise
    Lucy, Ethel and Fred come into the club three separate times each, disguised differently each time. On Fred's last time he's dressed as a woman, so on his way out he's swinging his hips. It appears as though on his first time leaving he accidentally started doing the same, while he was still dressed as a man.  
  Lucy, Fred, and Ethel make seventy-five bogus reservations under various names and disguises for Xavier Valdez’s opening and when they learn Ricky Ricardo isn’t playing there anymore they leave. When Lucy, Fred, and Ethel show up for a reservation of 8 they’re seated at a table set up for 4.  
    According to the script, the character portrayed by Maurice Marsac was actually supposed to be named William, and that's how he was credited when announcer Roy Rowan read the closing guest cast credits, but Gale Gordon addressed him as "Maurice.”  

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