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    Episode 128: Lucy Visits Grauman's  
  The lounge chairs and the pictures above the bed change in the Mertz’ room.  
  Lucy would not be able to dangle her foot off of a chez lounge if it was real cement.  
  Episode 129: Lucy and John Wayne
  When Ethel comes in with John Wayne, Lucy pushes Ricky out of the way because he was standing on her mark.  

When Lucy gets the phone call about her hair appointment, she looks at her wrist but there is no watch there.

  Episode 131: Ricky Sells the Car
    The sound of the motorcycle crashing happens before it is even off the screen. Also you will notice that Fred's dialogue in this scene is looped, re-recorded because of the noise from the crash.  
    Immediately after Fred backs the motorcycle into the wall, the camera follows the tire rolling out in front of Ricky and Lucy. On the far right of the screen you can see another cameraman.  
    The Mertz’ hotel room is different from the one we saw in the episode "Lucy Visits Grauman’s."  
    Motorcycles don’t have reverse gears.  
  Episode 132: The Great Train Robbery
  Each time Lucy pulls the emergency brake the train stops fast so everyone is thrown forward. But at one point the train stops at its normal rate, which throws them a little but not as much. The goof is that when it stops at its normal rate, they are thrown in the wrong direction, opposite from the other times.  
  In the first shot of the Mertzes in the lounge car, the light is on then on the close up the light is off.  
  Episode 137: Ricky's European Booking
    Lucy flubs her line twice when she tries to say “How much will we need?”  
  Episode 138: The Passports
    Pianist Marco Rizo once again calls Ricky "Desi."  
    Ricky forgets to say his line about the trunk, and Lucy ad-libs and reminds him to answer the phone.  
  Episode 140: Bon Voyage
  Lucy's ship, The Constitution, goes past the Statue of Liberty two times.
When Lucy is at the Dock Agent look at the background. It is very easy to tell that the background is fake.
    The producers keep using the same footage showing the ship moving away from New York.  
  Ricky kicks Ethel in the face while hanging to Lucy on the helicopter  
  Episode 143: The Fox Hunt
  As soon at Lucy gets on the horse, the horn blows and the horse takes off. As it takes off, in between some bushes, you can see someone pulling the horse.  
  Episode 144: Lucy Goes to Scotland
  When doing the Sword Dance, you cannot touch or hit any of the swords on the floor. In one scene a man and woman are doing it and the man hits the sword towards the end of the dance.  
    At the beginning of this episode, Lucy wants to see if she can locate some of her "Mother's" family, the McGillicuddy clan in Kildoonan, Scotland. Since McGillicuddy is Lucy's maiden name, and her Mother is Mrs. McGillicuddy, then she would be looking up her Father's side of the family, not her Mother's.  
  Episode 145: Paris at Last
  The Desilu prop department made an error by placing a bottle of California wine on the table in the sidewalk café scene  
  Ethel says she bought a bag when she went shopping. It was a leopard print document case, but in "The Passports," when Lucy goes to visit Helen Kaiser, Lucy is carrying that very same bag.  
  Episode 147: Lucy Gets a Paris Gown:
  While Ethel is out shopping you can see a shadow moving behind her.  
  Episode 148: Lucy in the Swiss Alps
  After they are rescued, they leave their packs in the cabin.  
  Episode 150: Lucy's Italian Movie
    When Vittorio Phillipe asks Lucy if "she's ever considered acting," he mouths the line "Has she ever considered acting!?" along with everyone else even though it's not his line.  

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