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  Episode 37: The Handcuffs
  When Lucy and Ricky went into the bedroom to get ready for bed, Ricky took off his tie, but when they got up the next morning his tie was still on.  
  Episode 38: The Operetta
  The men are taking the props. When they start to take Ricky, you can see one of the peasant girls waiting to run out as if the men were chasing her.  
  Episode 39: Job Switching
  After Lucy is slapped in the face with chocolate, her right eye is covered, then it’s clean.  
    Ricky’s first fall on the rice in the kitchen is accidental.  
  In the conveyor belt scene, Lucy puts a candy in her mouth too soon; she had another line. She quickly removes it and drops it on the floor.  
  Episode 40: The Saxophone
    Lucy claims to only know how to play "Glow Worm" but in "Ragtime Band," she claims to only know "Sweet Sue".  
  Episode 42: The Courtroom
  Fred goes left and Ethel goes right when leaving the Ricardo's apartment after Fred kicked in their TV.  
  Episode 43: Redecorating
  When Ricky wants to check out what Lucy and Ethel have done you can see Fred waiting in the hallway to come in for his scene.  
    If Lucy won 5 rooms of furniture, why are only two delivered in the next episode?  
  Episode 44: Ricky Loses His Voice
    When Ricky tells pianist Marco Rizo to "call Lucy and tell her I’ll be home right away" he slips and says "Okay, Des" instead of "Okay, Ricky."  
  Episode 45: Sales Resistance
    At the beginning of the episode, Lucy says that her Handy Dandy Kitchen Helper cost $7.98. Later, however, she says it cost $7.95.  
    Fred buys a new Handy Dandy Washing Machine for Ethel but twenty-two episodes later in "Never Do Business With Friends," the Ricardos sell their old washing machine to the Mertzes.  
  Episode 46: The Inferiority Complex
    The doctor’s name on his office door is Henry Molin, MD, but in the closing credits he’s called Dr. Stewart.  
  Episode 47: The Club Election
    Caroline Appleby’s name was actually Lillian Appleby first but then was changed to Caroline in later episodes.  
  Episode 48: The Black Eye
  The florist puts in some white gladiolas on top of the the red roses, but when Lucy opens them later, the only thing in the box are the roses.  
  Episode 49: Lucy Changes Her Mind
    Vivian Vance mistakenly makes reference to the old "Mrs. TRIMBLE" who lives upstairs." According to the Lucy book, the original script calls her TRIMBILL. It is Vivian who is saying it right and everyone else is saying TRUMBLE.  
    Ricky says the restaurant they went to was “The Roof Garden,” but the menus say “Jubilee.”  
  Episode 50: Lucy Is Enciente

When Ricky is singing "Rock-A-Bye Baby" he messes up the lyrics to the song and sings "when the wind blows, the cradle will fall". It was a mistake that Desi Arnaz realized and wanted to do over, but everyone loved the scene just as it was, so it has remained. If you look at the scene, he messes up as he realizes that HE is the father-to-be, so it seems so appropriate that he would forget the lyrics at that point.

  Episode 53: Lucy Hires An English Tutor


The tutor changes the tune of "Tippy Tippy Toe" each time he performs it.  
  Episode 54: Ricky Has Labor Pains
  Lucy is reading McCall's Magazine where on the cover "I Love Lucy" is mentioned.  
  Episode 57: No Children Allowed
    When Ethel re-tells her story, she calls Mrs. Trumbull “Mrs. Turnbull.”  
  Episode 58: Lucy Hires A Maid
    Handwritten numbers appear on the underside of the card table after Lucy falls asleep.  
  Episode 59: The Indian Show
  When Lucy is trying to get the baby to laugh for Ricky, just behind his head in his crib is the Lucy and Ricky cartoon characters. That at the time opened the show.  
  A moving boom shadow is seen on the wall at the club when Ricky and Juanita go to the Mertz’ table.  
  Episode 60: Lucy's Last Birthday
  In the first act, Ricky’s band has two trombone players.  Later there is only one because one is playing in the “Friends of the Friendless” band.  
  Episode 61: The Ricardo's Change Apartments
    After Ricky puts his coat on the couch, you can see the shadow of the camera moving on the wall.  
  Episode 64: The Camping Trip
    Ethel knew how to drive but in "Lucy Learns to Drive," Ethel asks Lucy to teach her how to drive  
    Mrs. Benson says “I was just mixing a meatloaf.”  Lucy says “It smells good.”  How could Lucy smell it if it’s not in the oven yet?  
  Episode 66: Ricky and Fred Are TV Fans
    Lucy says “Ricky nights off” instead of “Ricky’s nights off.”  
  The number of ginger ale bottles on the table keeps changing.  
    When Lucy phones home from the diner, she dials eight numbers.  
    When the girls run out of the diner, shadows can be seen on the “across the street” backdrop.  
    Why would Ricky set the alarm clock to go off at 10:05 for the TV show?  
  The clock on the wall shows 3:25, well after the 10:00 show started.  
    When Ricky counts out the knockout, he jumps from 5 to 8.  
  When Lucy and Ethel are in the police station, the scissors change positions.  
  Episode 67: Never Do Business with Friends
  When Ethel closes her new (Lucy's old) washing machine, the string that stage hands use to lift the lid can be clearly seen.  

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