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  Episode 154: Lucy and Bob Hope
  In the routine for "Nobody Loves the Ump," Lucy gets her cleats stuck in the new floor section so she has squares on the bottom of her shoes. Right after the routine ends, the tile squares suddenly disappear from her feet.  
  Episode 156: Little Ricky Gets Stage Fright
    Little Ricky is scared to play his drums in front of an audience but two episodes before Little Ricky doesn't even know how to play.  
  Episode 157: Little Ricky Learns To Play The Drums
  Notice in the bathroom scene that although Lucy has taken off her false eyelashes to wash her face, when she emerges into the living room they have magically reappeared.  
  Episode 158: Visitor From Italy
  Notice the dough being pushed through a machine to flatten it. While this is common in Los Angeles pizza restaurants of the era, it would never be found in a real New York pizzeria.  
  Episode 159: Off to Florida
  Mrs. Grundy takes a bite of her watercress sandwich, then it is whole again.  
  The jack is placed behind the front wheel, but it breaks through the fender in front of the wheel.  
    The windshield keeps changing  
  Episode 160: Deep Sea Fishing
  When Ricky is pulled from the water, a ladder suddenly appears, and Little Ricky disappears.  
  Between the time the girls exit the taxi and the time they enter the hotel room, their shoes change.  
  Episode 161: Desert Island
  You can see a line at the bow to hold the boat on the beach.  
  Stunt doubles are obviously used when they get off the boat and wade ashore.  
  Episode 162: The Ricardo's Visit Cuba
  Uncle Alberto ruins his hat while listening to Ricky and Little Ricky play the drums. Seconds later his hat is as good as new. Before this, the hat also disappears and reappears.  
  When Rickyís mother hugs him, a white powder is left on his suit.  Lucy tries to brush it off his back.  
    At the nightclub, Uncle Albertoís hat disappears and reappears from the table.  Ricky also has it during his first song.  
  Episode 163: Little Rickyís School Pageant
    If Little Ricky is in kindergarten, how does Lucy know who appeared in the pageant the year before?  
  When Lucy and Ethel take off Little Rickyís jacket, the front door is open.  Seconds later Fred enters and has to open the door.  
  I Love Lucy Christmas Show
    When the gang is reminiscing about old times, Fred turns on the lights on the tree and within 10 seconds, they pop back off. Pay attention to Lucy during this scene, she deliberately pulls the plug on the tree, causing the lights to pop off. She covers up by laughing.  
  Lucy points to a high branch to trim on the tree and Fred trims a lower one.  
  Episode 164: Lucy and the Loving Cup
  When Lucy sits down on the subway, she knocks a newspaper off the seat, then it is back again, rolled up.  
  Episode 165: Little Ricky Gets A Dog
    The no-pets-allowed clause in the Mertz apartment house apparently didnít affect the Mertzes in "The Diet" where we see their dog, Butch or Mrs. Trumbull whose cat was mentioned on at least one occasion.  
    Notice the Ricardo'sí bedroom where there used to be a window next to Rickyís bed, there is now a wall lamp. Desilu has changed filming locations, and somebody is "asleep at the switch" when they rebuild the set.  
    You can hear an audience member say "she beat him to it, see?" when Lucy thinks she's woken up before Ricky has so she can get out of telling Little Ricky he can't keep his pet dog.  
  Ricky rushes out and shuts the door, then it is open.  
  Episode 166: Lucy and Superman
    Technically Little Ricky was only four not five, since he was born on January 19, 1953  
    Lucy claims Little Ricky is born at 11:00 in the morning, but in ďLucy Goes to the Hospital,Ē he is born at night.  
  Episode 167: Lucy Wants to Move To the Country
    When Lucy, Fred, and Ethel dress up as gangsters to try to get the deposit back, there is a Grandfather clock by the front door and there are plates on the fireplace mantel. When the Ricardo's actually move in, the spot where the clock was is empty, but a few episodes later, the same Grandfather clock is back next to the front door, and the same plates are back up on the fireplace mantel.  
    The time on the Grandfather clock never changes, it is always 1:48.  
    Another clock says its 7:30.  
  Ricky gets dust from the mantel on his suit and face then it is gone.  
  The lamp post outside the front door is leaning.  
  Episode 168: Lucy Hates To Leave
  According to the clock itís 2 in the morning and Ricky cannot sleep. After Lucy reassures him, he puts out his cigarette and goes to sleep. In the next scene, now Lucy canít sleep and the clock shows that itís 3 in the morning, but you can still see the cigarette smoldering in the ashtray.  
  When the phone rings in the Mertzí apartment, Fred hands it to Ricky to answer.  
  Episode 169: Lucy Misses the Mertzes
    When Lucy can't get to sleep because of all the country quiet she suggests that Ricky take up snoring, presumably because he doesn't snore. But in the Bull Fight Dance episode (which came before this one) Lucy has to fill out a questionnaire about Ricky for a magazine and the questionnaire asks if Ricky snores. She answers yes by trying to spell out the sounds that Ricky makes when he snores.  
  Fred takes a bite of an apple out of the fruit basket, but when the Ricardo's notice and a close-up is shown, itís an orange.  
  Episode 171: Lucy Raises Chickens
  Ethel goes into the kitchen to find the baby chicks and you can see the washer and dryer, but in the other shows when they are in the kitchen you can see the washer and dryer in a room off to the side leading to the outdoors.  
    Notice when Little Ricky enters the living room from outside. A manís arm can plainly be seen opening the door and pushing him in.  
  Episode 173: Ragtime Band
    The lack of continuity for Ethel and Lucy regarding their musical talents is solely for accommodating the joke "Well don't blame me if it sounds like Sweet Sue is Coming 'Round the Mountain." Besides Lucy also writes an Operetta and we see her at the piano writing music so she must have some talent.  
    Notice that when Ricky gets home, the grandfather clock on the Ricardo'sí living room set still shows noon; someone forgot to reset it.  
  Episode 176: Building a Bar-B-Q
    Ricky mouths Fredís lined about Ethelís wedding ring.  
  Episode 177: Country Club Dance
  At the dance, Lucy and Ethelís chairs are spaced apart, then together, then apart.  

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