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  Episode 98: Lucy Cries Wolf
    The ledge outside her window is pretty wide, but in "Lucy & Superman," it seems to have shrunk in size.  
    A neighbor calls and tells Ricky that Lucy is out on the window ledge. Ricky then tells Fred and Ethel that she's out there by writing something on a piece of paper, but he didn't write enough to tell who told him that Lucy was out there, so only he knew who called. Later when he closes the window and Lucy comes in, they say that they knew she was out there. Ethel says who called and told them, but Ricky was the only one who knew who called.  
  Episode 101: The Mr. and Mrs. TV Show

William Frawley flubbed the words for the Phipps song, but Vivian Vance covered for him.

    There is dubbing to correct Lucy’s line “He has a sponsor looking for a show.”  She originally said, “He has a show looking for a  sponsor.”  
  Episode 103: Ricky's Movie Offer
    When Little Ricky says “candy,” Lucy says he said “gracias.”  
  Episode 104: Ricky's Screen Test
  If you look closely, you can see the Ricardo's kitchen set behind the director (when he is standing up).  
  Episode 105: Ricky's Mother-In-Law
    During the translation, Ricky says he “got his fingers crossed,” instead of “got his wires crossed.”  Lucy corrects him and they ad-lib.  
  Episode 106: Ethel’s Birthday
    When Ricky brings out his “emergency gift” thinking it is Lucy’s birthday, Lucy says her birthday isn’t for another eight months. That can’t be right if Lucy is born in August and that day (Ethel’s birthday) is in July or August.  
  Episode 108: Getting Ready
    Fred Mertz used the cost of train tickets as a deterrent to making the Hollywood trip, which was eliminated once the Ricardo's bought a car to drive in, but Fred didn't object to staying for several months in a hotel and eating out three meals a day, which would cost a lot more than train tickets!  
    Lucy gives the used car salesman the phone number Murray Hill 59099, but in "Ethel's Hometown," she uses the same number to call her mom.  
  You can see the bottom of the backdrop cloth behind the Cadillac when it is viewed from the front.  
  Episode 109: Lucy Learns to Drive
    You'll notice a cable pulling the Pontiac when Ethel starts it up and it crashes into the back of Fred's Cadillac.  
  Episode 110: California Here We Come
    You can see a cable pulling the car when they drive off.  
  Lucy states that Ricky wants to drive through New Orleans on the way, but on the map, the route line doesn’t even go near Louisiana.  
  Episode 111: First Stop
  When the Ricardo's and the Mertzes are staying in the cabin and the bed keeps sliding across the floor, you can see the string attached to the bedpost on the left at the foot of the bed pulling the bed across.  
  Before Lucy gets out of the car to read the sign about the pecan pralines, her coat his white. When she’s running to the sign it’s black and when she gets back into the car is white again.  
  Fred gets into bed twice with his slippers on.  
  Episode 113: Ethel’s Home Town
    Irving Bacon who played Ethel’s father was only eight years older than Vivian Vance and seventeen years younger than William Frawley.  
  When the photographer took the picture of Ethel and the gang her hands were folded, but when the picture was printed in the newspaper her hands were in a prayer form.  
  Episode 114: L.A. at Last!
  Lucy getting her nose on fire was not planned, in fact it was improvised, if you look closely you can see the wick at the end of her nose.  
  At the Brown Derby, Fred drops his napkin, but then he has another one that he hands to Lucy when she butters her hand.  
  After the food is spilled on William Holden, a cameraman can be seen to the right of the screen.  
  When they arrive at their Hollywood hotel, Ricky makes a left turn in front of an oncoming car.  
  Episode 116: Lucy Gets in Pictures
    In this episode, Lucy makes a reference to "Lillian Appleby" instead of properly calling her by her new name, Carolyn Appleby.  
  Episode 118: The Hedda Hopper Story
    Notice Ricky’s explanation of the time change between New York and Los Angeles. He actually is wrong and Mrs. McGillicuddy is right.  
  Episode 119: Don Juan is Shelved
    Lucy's mother says that she never heard of the producer Dore Schary, but in an earlier episode she mentioned she wanted to bring her book manuscript right to him.  
  As Dore Schary is saying goodbye in the hotel room, a long pole can be seen crossing the window on the upper right.  
  Episode 120: Bullfight Dance
    Notice that Ricky calls the pianist "Marco.” Did the Ricky Ricardo Orchestra also come to California?  
  Episode 121: Hollywood Anniversary

It is interesting to note that Lucy and Ricky's wedding anniversary is never the same. In this episode, Ricky tells Lucy that their anniversary is on the 7th. But in episode #36, "The Anniversary Present," when Lucy tries to remind him of their anniversary, Lucy circles the 19th (or something like that) on the calendar.

  Episode 122: The Star Upstairs
  Bobby spills coffee down the side of the breakfast cart which stains the cloth. In several scenes later the stain appears to have dried, but reappears in the next.  

Episode 123: Palm Springs

    When Lucy is pointing at the four of them and saying their names aloud she says the wrong names for each of them.  
  Episode 125: The Dancing Star
    Lucy is in the dressing room getting ready when she accidentally calls Ethel "Viv."  
    When Lucille fumbles her line "I danced with Van," watch how her stomach contracts in laughter. Desi covers her mistake and her laughing by ad-libbing, "Vance with Dance? What is that?"  
  Episode 126: Ricky Needs An Agent
  The statue that Ricky picks up to mangle starts to bend before he gets both his hands on it.  
    Everyone claims that Ricky doesn't have an agent. What happened to Jerry??  
    Lucy makes reference to the time they had been handcuffed together for 48 hours; actually, is had only been 24 hours.  
  Episode 127: The Tour
  When Lucy and Ethel get off the tour bus to see Richard Widmark's house and the bus pulls away, Lucy and Ethel can be seen still on the bus as it drives away even though they got off!!  
    Ricky says “buyer me,” instead of “badger me,” and Lucy ad-libs.  
  Episode 128: Lucy Visits Grauman’s
    The Mertz’ hotel room is on the left side of the hall, but in "Ricky Sells The Car," the door is on the right side.  

Notice that while Lucy’s foot is in cement, she lets it dangle completely off the chaise she is lying on. The weight of real cement would have snapped her foot off.


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