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  Episode 65: Ricky’s Life Story
    Lucy and Ethel are looking at the pictures of Ricky in Life Magazine. When they show the picture of Ricky in the kitchen cooking Lucy says "and here’s Ricky making arroz con pollo", to which Ethel says, " I’ve seen him like that a million times." Yet in "Job Switching," look at the mess he made making dinner.  
  Episode 70: Equal Rights
  Notice when Ethel kisses Fred. Ethel’s portrayer Vivian personally dislikes her cantankerous co-player so much she never even touches him with her lips.  
  Episode 72: Lucy Tells the Truth
    The Ricardo's apartment number was changed from 3-B to 3-D to fulfill a joke about "3-D".  
  While Ricky, Fred and Ethel are discussing the bet, a moth flies in Ethel’s face  
  The top right balloon pops before the knife is released.  
  Episode 74: Redecorating the Mertz’ Apartment
    Lucy says to Ricky "Let’s paint the furniture and reupholster the old furniture," instead of "Let’s paint the apartment and reupholster the old furniture."  
  After the feather fiasco, Lucy and Ethel are in the Ricardo's living room, you can see a feather float down from above the set!  
  Episode 75: Too Many Crooks
  When the REAL Madam X ran out,  she ran the wrong way which would lead out Lucy's window.  
    Lucy has a little trouble with her dialog, saying, "Ricky, have you seen your silvo-silver cigarette case?"  
    If Lucy won 5 rooms of furniture, why are only two delivered in the next episode?  
  Episode 79: The Million-Dollar Idea
    When Ricky adds up all the ingredients for the salad dressing the total comes to $8.31, but it actually should add up to $8.51.  
    Lucy gets sacks of mail orders only hours after being on television.  
    During the first commercial, there is a dubbed line for Ethel.  As Lucy is walking up from the audience, Ethel says “You, dear,”  but it was filmed with her saying “That’s it.”  
  Episode 80: Ricky Minds The Baby
  When Ricky is telling Little Ricky the story of Little Red Riding Hood in Spanish, we get to see Little Ricky in the crib. On the inside of the head board you can see the figures that were Lucy and Ricky in their opening in the original episodes.  
    During Desi’s reciting of "Little Red Riding Hood" in Spanish, he makes a mistake and begins to thank the wolf instead of the hunter.  
  Lucy paces in the Mertz’ living room worried over leaving little Ricky. Look at her shoes, in this scene she is wearing a pair with a "V" back line. In the next scene as she leaves she is wearing a different pair.  
  Episode 85: Ricky Loses His Temper
    Notice Lucy’s pronunciation of tomato juice. Lucille Ball says it "tomahto," and catches herself in mid-sentence.  
  Episode 86: Home Movies
    After the three finish acting out the drama, Lucy realizes that she forgot to put film in the camera, and that they must do it again. When they show the film to Mr. Green, it's obvious that the footage seen is the same that we saw them act out (notice that the smoke and cards both move in the same way that they did before). But if Lucy forgot to put film in the camera, how were they able to show that footage, if it didn't get filmed?  
    Lucy claims to have been in a Hollywood studio during the "western" sequence but in later episodes, she will claim her visit to Hollywood in 1954 is the first.  
    Fred fires the gun in his right hand an extra time by mistake.  
  Episode 87: Bonus Bucks
    Ricky bought Lucy a new washer and dryer in "Never Do Business With Friends" so why is she sending pajamas out to the laundry?  
  When Ricky wheels Lucy into the laundry, a crowbar falls off of the wall, forcing the laundry worker to search for it later.  
  Episode 88: Ricky's Hawaiian Vacation
    When Freddy Fillmore asked Ethel & Fred whose mother she was, they said she was Ethel's mom. Ethel's last name was Potter. When Freddy told everyone that Mother Mertz was sick, it should have been Mother Potter.  
  Episode 89: Lucy is Envious
  When Lucy and Ethel the "Martian Women" are in costume scaling the outside railing of the Empire State Building, the first shot of them shows they both have ray guns tucked in to their belts. When the shot pans back to them climbing down, only Lucy has her gun and the two of them hand it off to each other whenever they use it. But when the full shot is shown of the observation platform, you can see the other gun lying off in the background where Ethel dropped it!  
  In the final scene when the girls hit the boys with their napkins, Lucy’s flies out of her hand and she has to pick it up.  
  Episode 94: Tennessee Ernie Visits

When Ricky is explaining to Lucy how they are going to let Ernie find the ticket in the hallway, Ricky imitates Ernie finding the ticket and bends down to pick it up. The camera goes down too, and if you look at the bottom of the screen, you can see a cord running across the floor.

  Episode 96: The Golf Game
    When they are about to play, Lucy gets to go first because she was second from the top. But when Lucy and Ethel played Jimmy Demaret, he went first because he was fourth down from the top.  
  You can see the creases in the backdrop cloth as Ricky talks about a stymie.  
    Fred puts his hand on the club handle when Ricky says “Ethel.”  
  Episode 97:The Sublease
    Ricky tells everyone that now with the Maine booking canceled, they will be spending the summer in Del Mar, California, but next season the Ricardo's will claim to have never been in California before when they hit Hollywood.  
  When Lucy raises the shade on the kitchen window, the pull cord swings through the window (no glass).  

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